Stephen P Brown

Stephen P Brown, MaestroMAESTRO WITH A MISSION

Two-time Global Music Awards Winner, Conductor Composer Stephen P Brown has shared his zeal for live classical music for over 30 years in concert halls, colleges, schools, community centers, nursing homes and churches throughout the USA, UK, Europe and Africa, most recently as Principal Conductor at the Patel Conservatory and Conductor of the Dunedin Concert Band and Sunfonia Chorale.

According to Kevin Coughlin, he has become “one of the most engaging conductors of our modern age,” and is a recipient of the Ricordi Conducting Prize and winner of the Alan J Kirby Choral Conducting Prize.

Brown has served as artistic and musical director for the Jubilee Symphony Orchestra, Medway Chamber Orchestra, Kentish Players Theatre, Blackheath Male Voice Choir, Ealing Choral Society Summer Programs, Cobham Church and the Jacksonville Chapel Concert Band, and also had the honor of pioneering associate student conductor programs for the Hallé and BBC Philharmonic Orchestras.

He continuously demonstrates an outstanding commitment and dedication to his craft through concerts, workshops, lectures, and master classes, alongside supporting the under-served such as blind, deaf and homeless populations. He is the Founder of the live music Concert Production training program for performers, as well as the new flexible performing ensembles Sunfonia.

Brown has conducted several premieres including Antonin Tucapsky’s Triptychon, Martin Gaughan’s Columba Aspexit and Jon Edwards’ Dawn Mantras as part of the UK’s Millennium Festival. His major conducting engagements have included the London Philharmonic Orchestra, the Griffin Orchestra of London and the Spotlites Theatre production of Stephen Sondheim’s Into the Woods.

He refined his conducting proficiency with guidance from Bernard Keefe, Arthur Davison, Christopher Adey, George Hurst, Timothy Reynish, Philip Jones and Sir Georg Solti, and has also appeared on various major UK and US media networks including ABC and BBC TV & radio. He has consistently been composing music in the background since childhood but in 2012 begun loosening his creative stop valve, publishing no less than six concert works in six months with World Premieres in Florida, New Jersey and Ohio.

Brown is known for transforming ensembles and captivating audiences: “It’s almost as if the music is a tangible medium he is sculpting,” said Kathleen Haft, a musician who attends Brown’s concerts at every opportunity. “He has grace, poise, charm and humor.”